Welcome to BFA Apartments

Why stay in a hotel when you can get much more?
If you are looking for a perfect accommodation experience
with memories to cherish, you are at the right place.
Let’s plan a reasonable stay for you.

Established recently, we have a vision to get a hundred percent positive feedback from our guests from all over the world visiting Nigeria’s Sunshine State for business, leisure, medical and more.

You are sure to return home with memories and wonderful moments.

Our apartments vary from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms and boast of all the necessary fittings, fixtures and amenities needed to make every guest feel right at home. 

Whether your in Akure for official and corporate assignment or fun about the town; there’s a Tenny’s Place Apartment close to you.
Holla at us and let’s help make your stay in Abuja a memorable one.

Who We Are

BFA Apartments is a perfect combination of comfort, serenity and affordability right in the heart of Akure NIGERIA.

Founded out of passion for meeting short stay accommodation, offering premium comfort to guests from all over the world.

Amenities & Facilities

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

A 24/7 Laundry Service

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Great Car Hire Service

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In-house Restaurant

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Our Inside Pictures

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in and around our premises.

What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

"I wanted an apartment I could stay for 2 months, where I could have a feel of luxury and serenity like my personal home, BFA Apartments delivered even more. I recommend this place again and again."
"From the online booking to checking in and checkout, everything about this apartment is just so professional, their food services is also really great. I have a second home in BFA."
Olu david
"BFA reminds me of my trip to the UK, so much similarity to London's exquisite apartments. I sure would recommend this Apartments to my friends in the diaspora.
"My hubby and I needed a perfect location for honeymoon, BFA Apartment was the best pick. so grateful we followed our mind. Their kitchen equipment helped me make meals without stress. BFA rocks."
debbie boro

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