200 Most Recent IPOs

Since it went public in mid-January, the company’s stock has moved up and down, but overall its trajectory was positive until the summer. Its stock price has begun to recover, and on Wednesday, Dec. 22, it closed at $101.07. SentinelOne went public after raising nearly $700 million as a private company. The company raised $1.2 billion through its IPO and saw its stock price close up 21 percent on its first day of trading. Its initial post-IPO arc has been positive so far, with the stock closing at $51.69 on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

Payment-cycle management platform Billtrust went public in mid-January after merging with South Mountain Merger Corp. The company raised $115 million in funding while private, and announced plans to go public via a SPAC in the fall. Since the stock started trading, its initial arc has mostly been positive, though it took a dip in May when tech stocks in particular were battered. Direct-to-consumer eyeglass company Warby Parker went public through a direct listing, just one day after Amplitude’s direct listing. Its stock price popped 35 percent on its first day of trading, but tapered off a bit in its first full week as a public company. Coinbase’s direct listing might have been the buzziest public debut of the year, and definitely the largest.


With a strong commitment to innovation, GTY is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for technology in the public sector and drive long-term success. The IPO process involved several steps, including filing the necessary paperwork with regulatory authorities, undergoing due diligence, and setting the initial offering price. GTY’s IPO was underwritten by leading investment banks, who helped to market the offering and allocate shares to institutional and retail investors. Against the backdrop of a divergent global economy and unpredictable geopolitical landscape, some stock markets are reaching a long-time high and enjoying low volatility. Certain theme-centric sectors such as technology and clean energy are signaling an upswing in IPO activity.

The decrease reflected the tech industry trend of slashing valuation amid economic downturns. “Since companies are not getting the wanted valuation, they are staying private,” says Deutsch. The firehose of IPOs dried up along with the easy money that fueled new offerings as the Federal Reserve began its campaign of interest rate hikes to beat down historically high levels of inflation. Grow your revenue with all-in-one prospecting solutions powered by the leader in private-company data. Multinational IPOs may have many syndicates to deal with differing legal requirements in both the issuer’s domestic market and other regions.

  • If you’ve gone through airport security over the past few years, you’ve likely seen signs for Clear.
  • Duolingo was a milestone for Pittsburgh’s growing startup scene, as the edtech unicorn is a homegrown company.
  • Prior to 2009, the United States was the leading issuer of IPOs in terms of total value.
  • This marked an important milestone for the company, as it provided an opportunity for investors to become shareholders and participate in the growth of GTY.

In the US, clients are given a preliminary prospectus, known as a red herring prospectus, during the initial quiet period. The red herring prospectus is so named because of a bold red warning statement printed on its front cover. The warning states that the offering information is incomplete, and may be changed. The actual wording can vary, although most roughly follow the format exhibited on the Facebook IPO red herring.[16] During the quiet period, the shares cannot be offered for sale.

The company went public in June, with its stock price closing up nearly 30 percent on its first day of trading. DoubleVerify saw its stock pop about 33 percent on its first day of trading, closing at $36. But its stock price began to decline in May before peaking at $47.06 in late June. Direct-to-consumer wine company Winc went public in November after initially delaying its October IPO.

Even as it postpones going public, the company is priming itself to be a major player in the AI data/cloud computing space. It recently signed a deal to take over Okera, an AI-centric data governance platform. Databricks is also beefing up its venture arm by investing in Immuta, a data security platform and software company. Its valuation reached $25 billion in the summer of 2021, amid the apex of investor interest in fintech startups.

Financial technology

They will almost certainly change when the companies actually go public. The technology sector has been the most prolific source of IPOs over time. Renewable energy companies will be a big incubator of public offerings in the next IPO craze, Deutsch says. Lightning eMotors, which develops electric powertrains, went public after merging with GigCapital3. In the first week or so that the newly merged company traded, Lightning eMotors saw its stock price decline quite a bit, closing at $5.83 on Wednesday, Dec. 22. Duolingo was a milestone for Pittsburgh’s growing startup scene, as the edtech unicorn is a homegrown company.

That represents an 85% decline from a year prior, when private investors thought the company was worth almost $50 billion. Amplitude was the first of two direct listings in a single week in September. The first trade came in at $50, well above the reference price of $35. On April 28, 2021, GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (GTY) opened their Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq stock exchange. This marked an important milestone for the company, as it provided an opportunity for investors to become shareholders and participate in the growth of GTY. UiPath, which makes software for robotic process automation, cracks the shortlist for both Rao and Kulkarni.

How much would a 1000 investment in Google be worth today?

The company saw its stock close out its first day up 36 percent, but the price has been up and down since then. Most recently, its stock closed at $105.03 on Wednesday, Dec. 22. Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi went public in the United States in June, raising $4.4 billion through its IPO. Its stock has momentum trading strategy taken a beating since it went public though, after the Cyberspace Administration of China banned new user registrations for Didi’s app in China. Didi later said the Chinese government had ordered the app be removed from mobile app stores because of issues related to personal information collection.

Direct Listings

The IPO raised approximately $36 million in gross proceeds for the company. The first modern stock trading was created in Amsterdam when the Dutch East India Company was the first publicly traded company. To raise capital, the DIY Financial Advisor company decided to sell stock and pay dividends of the shares to investors. WalkMe saw its stock price close below its IPO price on its first day of trading after the Federal Reserve increased its expectations for inflation.

IPOs generally involve one or more investment banks known as “underwriters”. The company offering its shares, called the “issuer”, enters into a contract with a lead underwriter to sell its shares to the public. The underwriter then approaches investors with offers to sell those shares. The decision to go public through an IPO was a strategic move for GTY, allowing them to access capital markets and raise funds for future growth and expansion. By listing on the Nasdaq, GTY gained increased visibility and credibility in the market, attracting potential investors who were interested in the company’s growth prospects. Robinhood helped make a new generation of investors interested in IPOs, and now the company looks likely to head down the public path itself.

A founder of Block, formerly Square, Dorsey is deeply invested in Bitcoin’s development. He stepped down as C.E.O. of Twitter in November to advance Block’s crypto ambitions and has said that Bitcoin is the most important thing he can work on in this lifetime. Block holds more than $350 million worth of Bitcoin in its corporate treasury. That is hitting people’s wallets, but has done little to slow corporate America’s profit boom. “We’re going to have the best growth we’ve ever had this year, I think since maybe sometime after the Great Depression,” Jamie Dimon, the JPMorgan Chase C.E.O., told CNBC this week, speaking of the economy in general. Under American securities law, there are two-time windows commonly referred to as “quiet periods” during an IPO’s history.

What is the biggest IPO ever?

SmileDirectClub Inc. sank in the extended session Friday after the teeth-straightening company said voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy pro… Dorsey’s fund is part of “a coordinated and formalized response to help defend developers” in the Bitcoin world, according to the email. It will provide free legal advice and rely primarily on part-time and volunteer lawyers. Board members, including Dorsey, will review cases and decide who gets the group’s help.

The region saw 371 IPOs raising US$39.4b in this period, a YOY decline of 2% and 40% respectively – proceeds were down significantly due to a cooler-than-expected Mainland China IPO market, with many large IPOs waiting on the sidelines. For the first time in over 20 years, Indonesia has surpassed Hong Kong in the global stock exchange rankings by volume. An April 2021 round of funding boosted their valuation to $6 billion. A lawsuit and an SEC probe into allegations of misleading investors have bogged down at least one attempt at going public via a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) merger. The Swedish buy-now-pay-later industry pioneer Klarna has seen its fortunes dim after raising $800 billion in funds in July 2022 at a valuation of $6.7 billion.

The company has reportedly picked Goldman Sachs to lead preparations for a 2021 IPO, according to Reuters. The company fetched a $11.7 billion private-market valuation in September. But Cfd trading platform the companies are in a “high-stakes poker game,” he continued, since the SEC is reportedly backed up with paperwork and there’s no telling how long the IPO market will stay this hot.

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