AdsEmpire is a reliable affiliate network with exclusive dating offers from direct advertisers, in-house Smartlink solutions, and global GEO coverage

AdsEmpire is a reliable affiliate network with exclusive dating offers from direct advertisers, in-house Smartlink solutions, and global GEO coverage

Top ranked traffic sources for dating

Expanding its user base is one of the biggest obstacles for any online dating website, and that’s why most dating websites have affiliate s.

Like the Nutra industry, online shopping, and lead generation, the dating industry is expected to be around for quite some time, because of factors like the vast es FindEuropeanBeauty legГ­timo amounts of traffic and the availability of converting GEOs. The top sources for dating traffic include:


In terms of both traffic conversion and brand development, reviews are invaluable. An honest appraisal of the most widely used review sites may do wonders for your dating site. As much as 89% of daters place more confidence in other users’ experiences than in any claims made by the dating website itself. Consequently, if you master the art of using reviews for dating traffic, your clients will basically perform your marketing for you. That beats any innovative ad text or marketing material you could create.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

One of the most brilliant strategies for attracting new users to your dating site is to use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Google Ads is the backbone of pay-per-click advertising, and PPC involves bidding a specific price per click on search advertisements you’ve created using keywords from Google Ads. With PPC, you pay for the attention your dating website gets.

Considering the intense competition, using PPC for dating traffic helps you reach great lengths. You must be well-versed in all the latest optimization techniques and best practices to win over the PPC market. Although it’s a challenging field to compete in, the rewards for success are high.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a common advertising method. Its natural origins offer a friendlier user experience than alternative services. SEO for dating websites helps you get top results on search engine results pages. This approach considers indicators such as the speed at which a site loads, the domain age, the number of links referring to the site, and abandonment rates.

Sites also benefit from the free, natural traffic from providing original content. Then, you’ll need top-notch material for your website and advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, articles, blog posts, audio, videos, downloadable files, and so on. Regarding organic traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is your best bet for a popular dating website. However, it may take many months of hard effort before any noticeable benefits are seen from SEO advertising.

Native advertising

On internet sites, native adverts resemble ordinary articles; the main distinction is that they have an advertising-like feel. Affiliate marketers that are savvy with statistics may make excellent use of native ads for dating. Your fees will be calculated on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) basis. Effective native display advertising relies on passing off the ad as an informative piece written in the same tone as the publisher’s content.

Media buy

Adverts’ time and space may be purchased in bulk and resold as part of media purchasing. These are advertisements that appear with relevant material. Ads may be seen on many websites, often as a tiny text box or a banner across the page. These pages may be found on partner sites and independently operated websites that share revenue with you. Like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you only pay when one of your ads is clicked.

Social ads

You may also utilize social traffic for dating to drive people to your affiliate deals with social media paigns. When you think of social media marketing, the first platforms that come to mind are probably Facebook for dating, Instagram, Pinterest, and Telegram advertising. Using Tik Tok for dating traffic is one of the most common sources nowadays. You may narrow your audience to a specific demographic using the website’s keywords, focus, and retargeting tools.

Though the costs may increase, running dating ads with this method is less expensive than using Google Ads. For the time being, FB traffic ads provide the most flexible targeting possibilities. The platform also provides AI assistance for reaching out to new audiences and engaging with the ones you already have, since most people now use FB for dating.

In-app advertising

Banners, videos, and text adverts may all come to play when using in-app for dating traffic. However, creating a blacklist of applications that consistently provide low-quality traffic and a whitelist of apps that consistently deliver high-quality traffic may be a significant time and resource commitment. Targeting options on social media may also be limited; not even the major networks now provide localized targeting.


Being the oldest vertical of affiliate marketing, the dating industry has been showing great consistent results for over 10 years. Moreover, you can use a bunch of different traffic sources as all of them shows high results in dating.

When choosing a traffic source, we recommend giving preference to the one you are most familiar with and have the most experience. AdsEmpire welcomes all traffic sources mentioned above and offers high rates and many top-converting dating offers to promote. Managers on AdsEmpire will always be honest about what kinds of visitors convert better for which offers.

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